Caroline M Adamson

I chose MediLodge of Ludington for myself. The reason why I chose this center is that I wanted to be closer to my daughter. Danielle, the resident advocate, and Amy, the social worker, were great help with any problem I had. They were respectful and kind, great people! Cindy B, CNA, was also very kind, helpful, and super driven.

Marisa, Tammy, Mary, Kathryn, Bill- they are the best therapy group around! All of them are respectful, kind, have a lot of compassion for the patients, and help us reach our goals.

Other nurses that were great to me were Dan, Mitch, and Billy Sue; they were kind, respectful, compassionate people, explained my medicine to me, and made me feel comfortable.

The food was good but cold some of the time. They were short on somethings on the menu. Housekeeping and maintenance workers were very nice!

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