Michelle Hilderbrandt

Bryce Griffes was admitted for rehabilitation after undergoing spinal surgery. Bryce loved maintaining his lawn, working in his flower beds and home improvement activities at his house. He even bought a brand new car! Bryce’s difficulties started in October 2017 after he turned 79 and started having problems with tingling and numbness in his legs and feet. By the end of December, Bryce was declining and started using a walker and was having a hard time getting around and completing activities independently. Bryce was diagnosed with neuropathy. By April 2018 he had sustained numerous falls and was unable to care for himself, and in May 2018 he could not get out of bed. Bryce reached out for a second opinion and underwent surgery for his spinal cord compression on September 4, 2018.

The road to recovery was not easy for Bryce. Bryce was dependent for almost all tasks when he initially admitted to skilled services including gait, transfers, and ADLs. During his stay, Bryce received physical and occupational therapy services. Treatment included bed mobility, transfer, gait, and AOL training, balance and strengthening exercises including postural control to increase his overall level of functioning. Bryce exceeded his goals of increasing his independence! When he discharged from skilled therapy service he was independent at four-wheel walker level and went home with his family and dog Otis!

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